Sunday, November 6, 2011

Call me Breezy...I'm done

You are a masochist. You love to have people walk all fucking over you. You gave up the one girl who would do anything for you. The one who called multiple hospitals to make sure you were ok. The one who woke up in the middle of the night because you just got out of the hospital and didn't want to be alone. The one who woke up in the middle of the night to come get your drunk ass. The one who listened and gave you so much fucking advice that you refused to listen to. All for that bitch. That nasty, skanky whore who thinks shes pregnant with another man's fucking baby. I haven't told you that part have I? haha can't wait til you call me when you find that out. Guess what? I wont fucking care.

 I'm done caring about you. You constantly accuse me of trying to fuck you over. Constantly try to make me feel bad about my relationship because your insecure ass is so fucking jealous and full of regret for letting me go. Now I'm letting you go. That message you sent me from your "mum"? Bullshit. That scared sound in your voice when I called you that morning? Priceless. You know you are a fuck up and you want everyone to feel sorry for you. Maybe when you stop being so fucking codependent on other people's opinions people will actually feel sorry for you.

You say you don't have any friends. You're right. No one wants to deal with your bullshit and threats. No one wants to hear you cry about how your life sucks. You had me though. I was with you every step of the way. I put my feelings and pride aside to help make you happy and you shit on me. You chose to do this to yourself. You chose to surround yourself with people who only use you for the little money you have. You have no fucking goals. You refuse to be alone, yet you refused to be with the only fucking person who actually gave a shit about you.

I almost ruined a great relationship because of you. I made a huge mistake and I am more than grateful that he is a big enough man to look past it. He hates our friendship because he knows you were a weakness of mine. That's over now. I no longer give a fuck about how sad you THINK your life is. Every fucking sad face text you send me makes my skin crawl. Stop being so fucking overdramatic. I told you yesterday to move the fuck on and leave the past behind you. You claimed that's what you were going to do, yet you were in there last night begging that bitch to give you another chance. Groveling on your Facebook status. You don't even know her. You've known her less than a month, and every fucking thing she has told you about herself is a fucking lie. Grow the fuck up. Stop bringing drama into my life. She may be young and immature, but I'm not. I am a grown ass woman and I couldn't care any fucking less about how she is "playing" you. I've seen with my own two eyes that she doesn't give half a shit about you. But I forgot that's just me trying to ruin it. She calls you fat, ugly and a fucking psycho, but you refuse to believe me. I'm done helping you with your "relationship" with her.

 I'm done fighting you and I'm done fighting with you. I'm done letting you make me feel bad for moving on. You didn't want me, so I found someone who did. Point blank. End of story. Think before you call me next time. Think before you text me. Think before you speak to me. Think about how you treated me before you expect me to help you. You chose your own path. You chose this. NOT me.

I'm not bitter. I've been rejected before. I felt bad about myself for a second, then I got a pair of scissors and cut it the fuck out. I'm too good for you anyway. I was swayed by  my natural maternal instinct. You need someone to take care of you. I tried. I tried tough love, I tried nice love...I tried begging you to stop torturing yourself. I'm all tried out. I can't do this anymore. My attention to my work has slipped. I've had a continual feeling of dread and regret for the past month and I can't take it.

I've moved on with my life. I have a great guy who treats me like I should be treated. He doesn't talk down to me. He doesn't blame me for his problems and he sure as fuck doesn't beg me to help him win over the girl who stole him from me. He is what I deserve. You will never have a relationship like that.

I hope one day someone loves you, but that someone will never be me. I hope one day you get the professional help you desperately need. I'll still wonder and worry about you, but I can't let my worry consume me any longer. I've got to worry about me. Like you said, I gotta do me.

I am a very loving person and I care deeply about you, but this is it. I'm done. This is my goodbye to you. This is me telling you to vacate my fucking life. I'm signing off. Dropping the mic and telling you kiss my ghetto fucking ass. I'm done with you. Call me Breezy. I'm fucking done.

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