Tuesday, January 3, 2012

On the next Maury, "Swype ruined my life"

I got a new cell phone for Christmas and I'm still working out the kinks with the texting feature "Swype." Since everyone and their mother has an iPhone, not many people know that Swype is the Auto-Correct of Android. This video will show you the basic idea of how to use "Swype."

I just dont pay enough attention when I'm texting. I'm gonna highlight a few of my mishaps to show you how dangerous swype can be:

"Ebay of out" = "What is it"
"Go get is something tho eat" = "Go get me something to eat"
"Thank you. I told Amanda to 20 mounds" = "Thank you. I told Amanda to 20 mins ago"
"Happy New Treat" obviously means "Happy New Year"
"Yah hut have doesn't work this week" = "Yah but Jamie doesn't work this week"

And my absolute, personal favorite that almost made my boyfriend (Justin) dump me:
"I washed your two shirts for you jimmy" translates to "I washed your two shirts for you hunny"

He immediately texted me back saying, "who the fuck is jimmy?" and I had to try to explain to him while laughing that it was a swype mistake. I'm not entirely sure he is convinced so I sent him a picture of me wearing his shirt saying "YOUR clean shirt."

Wish me luck.

Do you use Swype? Do you get auto-corrected? Share your funny mistakes in the comments.


  1. I have an iPhone and I am the queen of auto-correct. Sometimes I leave the corrected words there just to confuse people, though. It makes things more interesting.

  2. Uhmmm...well I MEANT TO SAY: "I hope you have a nice day"....instead, I Swyped "I hope you have a fast gay"....AND my personal favorite embarrassment was when I MEANT to say: "It was lost in the grass"....BUT accicdentally Swyped "It was lust in the ass"!! GASP!!!! I'm about to lose my mind!!!!

  3. I once swyped" I just want to be in your arms again" and it came up "i just want to be in your arms Asian."

    Here I'll d start to outing and I'm on my phone right now so I hope this USA funny. Haggadah hahahaha yr