Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last Christmas, I gave you my teeth

In three days it's the one year anniversary of my blog! YAY! Christmas is right around the corner. This year I can enjoy Christmas by working the two days before and three days after Christmas Day instead of laying in the bed with my face swollen because I just had my wisdom teeth removed. Reading back on my first few posts I realized something...I'm fucking insane. I'm gonna try to chalk it up to being drugged up on Vicodin, but who the hell knows.

I've been pretty busy so I haven't really posted. My email has been flooded with people begging me to post again. Just kidding. No one has given a shit. I figured I'd just do a quick catch you up post today!

Almost two months ago I decided to give Justin yet another chance after the near death experience we shared. I'm happy to say we are now dating and things seem to be going great.

Thanksgiving was nice. I worked that morning, came home and slept, went to my aunts house to eat and came home and slept some more. I woke up at 11pm to go wait in line at Target, but that went pretty smoothly. Once I got inside, I got what I needed and was out the door in TEN MINUTES! I know! That's completely unheard of for Black Friday.

Ever since Thanksgiving I've been working my ass off so nothing too memorable has happened.

Meredith  was nice enough to whore me out on her favorite blog posts of 2011.

Kristen made me fall in love with her with this post.

And today I have an article featured on Curvy Girl Guide.

It seems that's all the news I have to update you on for now. Life has been super boring lately. If you are missing my genius you can always follow me on Twitter and see my random dirty thoughts everyday.

This post is full of links, which is my way of not writing a real story, but still posting something.

I won't be back to post until at least Christmas Day, so I'd like to take a second to thank all my readers over the past year. I've really grown a lot in my writing style and ability this year and I'm so glad I started this.

Thank you so much! If it wasn't for the amazing support from all of you I would have never kept up with doing something that I love.

I'll be back sometime after Christmas to share pictures of all my presents and stuff. I'm totally still a kid during the holidays.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas everyone!

I leave you with a picture of my ghetto little Christmas tree

Update: Justin had a huge hissy fit cause I put his picture on my blog...told him that's one of the dangers of dating a blogger. Fucking vag. To keep the peace I removed the picture. Enjoy the Christmas tree 

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  1. Thanks for sticking up for me on my blog! It's so easy to be rude when you get to be a random first name on the that guy never would have said that to my face. Anyway, I like your writing style. You're funny.