Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm afraid of commitment

In light of recent posts I'm going to stick with doing something that's a little unusual for me. Today I'm going to do a hair tutorial! I know I'm a slob but trust me, this is actually cool.

I find a lot of cool things using Stumble Upon. I found a website showing how to "chalk" your hair. It's where you take sidewalk chalk or even wax pastels to color pieces of your hair. Since I had neither supply, I decided to do it with watercolor colored pencils. (These pencils work like regular colored pencils, you can dip them in water to have a really bold color, or wet the paper to make it look like water color paint. They can be found at any craft store like Michael's or even Wal Mart.)

A glass of water
An old t-shirt and a towel
colored pencils

Step 1. The first thing you do is decide where you want the color. I just did the tips of mine, so I separated half into a bun on the top of my head to get it out of the way and left half down. I put one side in a ponytail just to keep it out of the way. None of this is necessary it just worked easier for me. Then I separated into 6 smaller pieces.

Step 2. Chose a section of hair and a colored pencil. Wet the section of hair you want to color. Use your finger to stop the dripping. After your hair is nice and wet, dip the colored pencil in water like so:

 Step 3. After wetting your hair and colored pencil, start spreading the pencil on your hair. You can lay it flat on your hand, wrap it around your finger or lay it on a towel across your shoulder. I used my hands a lot, but I used a towel too because I'm wearing my boyfriend's t-shirt and he might kill me if I fuck it up.

Just slap that shit on there. I'm just doing the tips so I started about 1/3 of the way up the strand. 
 After you finish it should come out looking something like this:
Nice and blue
 Step 4. Repeat as many times with as many colors as you want. I went with blue, red, purple, brown, and green. You can vary the widths of your sections of hair, vary the amount of color and how high you start on each.

I helped mine dry faster by holding it in front of the space heater that was on my vanity next to me, but you can let it dry naturally if you aren't in a hurry. After it dries, brush it out so it looks something like this:

"I get shit-faced drunk. How do you handle stress?" is what my shirt says. Keeping it classy erry day
After it dried I curled some of it, but wasn't able to get a good picture, so I have the finished results with my hair flat ironed. 

I changed my shirt to show better contrast. Here you can see some purple, blue and red (which turned out pretty pink) 
Here you can see more of the blue on the right and purple on the left

This is with my uncolored hair. You can see the light blonde on the left, then purple, pink and brown

more brown and pink on the right, and purple and brown on the left

Here is all of my hair together. I added some more green. Subtle yet noticeable color.

The color turned out pretty subtle with the colored pencils, but I am very happy with the result. I threw it into a side ponytail and different colors were more prominent when I moved around since they were mixed throughout my hair. My hair is light blonde at the top and front, and a little darker in the back and underneath but the color showed up well. For darker hair you may want to try the wax pastels since they are usually more bold than the pencils. 

My job doesn't allow me to have unnatural colored hair, so this works great for me. It took me about half an hour to do, and washes out with the first shampoo so I'm ready for work tomorrow. This is great for commitment free color and looks so much better than hair color sprays or sticky gels. 

You can curl the colored sections, straighten it, wear it up in a ponytail, or an up-do with the colored sections strewn throughout. Trust me, if this wasn't quick and easy I sure as fuck wouldn't be doing it. 

What do you think? Have you ever tried "chalking"? Try this and link me to your pictures in the comments!

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