Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Day I Became A Girl

May 15, 2011. I will never forget it. Its the day I became a girl.

Ive mentioned before that im a bit of a tomboy. I like jeans and tshirts or shorts and tanks in the summer.

Today, I paid to have professional highlights put in my hair. No $3 Nice and Easy this time. (to be fair my mom paid for most of it for my birthday, but thats besides the point)

In the past month Ive gotten a pedicure, my nails done (by a licensed manicurist, not by me at my coffee table), the polish on my toes changed, and highlighted my hair. Ive got three mini skirts. Ive gone to a tanning bed.

What happened to the greasy sloppy bun? Where are my non fitted tshirts? What are these things on my nails that I cant bite off? (Trust me Ive tried). No work boots? Im wearing pink!

Glasses? Pffth not since I got my contacts in the mail.

Gone are the days of "You're wearing that?"

People keep feeding my ego. They are creating a monster.

I feel like an extra from the O.C...but I look amazing.

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