Wednesday, May 18, 2011

People are Retarded

If the word retarded offends you when used in the context of insulting people who have no actual disability but are just stupid, you are reading the wrong fucking blog. 

First off, if you are a "freelance writer" you really need to learn to form a sentence.

1. "u should lv well enough alone." <------ This was written on my wall on Facebook. I can only assume this means, "you should have left well enough alone" but I cant be sure. The woman who left me this message is a writer. She gets paid to write articles online. This is how she supports her family. Scary shit. 

2. If I tell you, "You cant buy alcohol after 11:45pm" That means, you CANNOT BUY ALCOHOL AFTER 11:45PM. End of story. "Can I just buy a 6 pack?" Ohhh sureeee... I'm going to break company policy AND state law to make sure you get beer. Why would you think the quantity makes a difference? 

3. If I give you a box of sauces that has bottles that look like this in it: 

And I tell you to put it in the sauce holding cabinet that looks like this:
Its pretty self explanatory right? The following is a conversation that took place between me and a coworker. My words in Jesus, yo. 

Her: What do you want me to do with all these sauces?

Put them in the holder with the rest of them

But where?

Over there. The spots are labeled

Where does each one go?

With the rest of them...behind the label

They don't go in any order. they are all mixed up. 

Well unmix them. Put the right ones behind the label. 

I don't know where each one goes. what does "FRT" mean?

Fire Roasted Tomato. Look at the bottle, and put the right ones behind the right label. All the spaces are labeled honey

Whatever you say. 

(another coworker) Imma need for you not to jerk a knot in her ass. 

This conversation took place over a 10 minute period. I was one second away from saying, "put all the colors together and we will figure it out later." 

Was I expecting too much to think and adult could follow spoken directions when presented with a COLOR CODED chart? 

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