Saturday, January 21, 2012

The blonde debacle of 2011-2012

Back in May I highlighted my hair for the first time. It was beautiful so I decided I'm definitely gonna keep up on it even though I'm cheap as fuck. I went in again in August and it looked like this
absolutely perfect right?

My boyfriend told me he would pay to get my highlights done as a Christmas present to me so I called and made an appointment at the same place as before since I was so happy with the results. My appointment was at 3:30pm and I arrived at 3:28. At 3:28 the stylists seats some random not-me lady and starts cutting her hair, even though I had already checked in. She comes back and says, "Well, I just sat this lady down, so maybe you can go get something to eat or something and come back in about 45 minutes." I was understandably irritated, but I know that people get thrown behind schedule and maybe that lady had an appointment of 3pm that I just didn't know about...and I was fucking hungry. I went and got some fast food and went back around 4pm and she was ready for me. 

When I sat in the chair, the first thing she did was tell me in a very condescending way, "You need a deep conditioning treatment." There goes your tip whore. I tell her what I want and she goes to work pulling and tugging and bleaching my hair. She asks if I want a hair cut and I say what the hell...its not gonna kill me just to cut the split ends off. She says its gonna be about 3/4 of an inch cut off since I don't want to lose my length and that's practically nothing so I'm down. 

Ever word this bitch said was in a condescending tone. At one point, when she went to mix the bleach, my boyfriend looked at me saying, "Crystal...put your bitch face away before she intentionally fucks up your hair."  Which is actually pretty ironic since she ultimately did fuck up my hair, but I digress...per usual. 

Remember I said I was cool with her cutting off 3/4 of a inch right? Apparently that made her think I was cool with her cutting my hair however the fuck she wanted. When I left, my hair was 3 inches shorter in the front, 2 inches shorter in the back and had layers and layers and layers. I must admit I did like the cut, its just not what we agreed on. 

Fast forward two weeks after the color has settled and looks like this: 

Very thin highlights with lots of dark chunks which I am unhappy with. Its streaky, the highlights start at random places on the strands of my hair and one side is an entire inch longer than the other which is totally not what I paid $70 for. I called and talked to the girl who told me to come in and she would see what she can do to fix it. 

I get there and she rudely tells me there is nothing she can do about the color without me paying for more highlights, but she will fix the uneven cut...which ends up in her taking another inch off all around. So now we are at a total of 3 inches off my hair all around...still not what I agreed to. I told her thank you and skedaddled right on out of there. As soon as I got home I called the corporate number and nicely expressed that I was unhappy with my hair, even after she "fixed" it. 

They forwarded my contact information to the regional manager who promised that the location manager would fix my hair, free of charge, no matter what it took. The store manager and regional manager were just as nice as could be. Both were very apologetic. Lisa, the store manager, agreed that my hair looked pretty fucking bad. She said she understood why the first lady did it the way she did it, but that she should have done a better job. She also said my hair was very soft, in very good condition and not at all in need of a deep conditioning treatment. Just further proof the previous lady was a bitch. 

In order to fix it, she had to put a total of 7 MORE foils in my hair. I am very happy with the end result: 

Under eye bags not included. Also, pay no attention to my broken backdrop.

The moral of this story? You can do anything you set your mind to...or if you are a bitch about it. 

Do you get your way or just accept defeat? Have you ever had a terrible hairstyle because the stylist just didn't listen? Tell me about it. 

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  1. I hate it when they screw up a haircut. The last time I got my hair cut, I had to go back THREE TIMES for them to get it right. Obviously, I'm never going back there again...