Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Men are a pain

My dog is a hellion. Don't let this sweet little face fool you.
Not Pictured: Devil horns 

We've had him for 3 months and he's torn up all our shit. He has pulled all the stuffing out of our couch cushions and eviscerated a stuffed Mickey Mouse, which was hanging on a wall...he jumped to get it. He is also a complete escape artist. He's gotten out at least 3 times...the first time was about 12 hours after we got him.
RIP Mickey
He has a new obsession with flip flops. My mom bought a pair, tried them on, took them off, left the room and when she came back a minute later he chewed it beyond recognition. She got another pair, and a pair for my sister. Guess what? He chewed up my sister's. He ate both my black and white Old Navy flip flops, and left my sister a non-matching pair. One star spangled left foot, and one heart patterned right foot.

His favorite place to shred things is my sister's room. He will find any trash possible and tear it to shreds. I mean completely unrecognizable. He also likes to pee in her room...even though he is fully house trained.

All that shit? Hurricane Cheef
One night he peed on her comforter and sheet. When she put it in the washer, she threw a dust ruffle on her bed until her sheets were dry...when she came back, there was a puddle of pee on the dust ruffle.

This dog has two speeds. Bounce and run as fast as you can because oh my God there MUST be a man with a knife chasing you. He runs so fast his butt literally bounces off the ground. He jumps to the top of the door frame if someone leaves. He has the sharpest toenails in the history of the world. Everyone has bleed at the hands, er paws, of him.

But...he is the sweetest dog I've ever seen. He loves to cuddle in the bed with anyone, as long as they have a blanket. He likes to look out the window and is very protective. One night, I came in at about 1:30am, not my usual time to arrive home, and he went crazy thinking it was an intruder. He has never bitten anyone maliciously, but he has some sharp little play teeth.

Its so hard to be mad at this dog...until he pees in my floor...or I have to clean up a full couch cushion worth of stuffing.

I love that dog, but he drives me absolutely insane! Anyone else have any pet horror stories?

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  1. I have lots of stories of my Shelby destroying my stuff and others. But she doesn't do those things nearly as much now that she's going on 4 years old. But when we first got her at 6 months old she chewed up my favorite bra, 2 umbrellas, a hardcover $20 book from a friend that i had to replace, 3 of my boyfriend's hats, and she turned my purse inside out and chewed up ALL my makeup inside it trying to get to some gum i had zipped up in a pocket inside of it on 2 seperate occasions! lol. All that being said, i still love her like a child and she is spoiled in every way that a dog can be spoiled. She even gets doggy ice cream. I would recommend that you get him some stuff he can chew on when you guys are not around, like one of the hard rubbery Kongs they sell at the pet stores. You can even fill them with treats or peanut butter to keep him busy. I have one for Shelby, and i fill it with peanut butter and then freeze it. Once i take it out and give it to her she'll chew at it for awhile trying to get all the PB out of it :)