Friday, December 24, 2010

One hell of a Christmas present

It's Christmas Eve! Now, normally Id be all excited and even try to use proper grammar and punctuation, but as I get older, Ive decided to screw it and just do whatever the hell I want.

My very first attempt at a blog, and I decided to do it while im pretty high on hydrocodone, and eating my billionth can of Spaghetti Os in the past 3 days. On December 22nd, I had 4 widsom teeth removed. Today is December 24th, and ive done nothing but eat "spaghetti rings" (dont want a know they may take all of my precious books, as thats all ive got thats worth anything)

Hmm, I seem to be rambling. I guess thats because I "feel better" as my mother says, even though I insist that I feel worse today than any other day. She also insists that she saw me standing in her room smoking, yet i was sleeping the whole time. My entire family is nuts, but you will learn all about them later.

There will be a lot of stories and characters that you wont care about, but at least you will laugh.

I guess that wraps up my first post. I promise this will get more interesting...or at least I hope

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