Friday, December 24, 2010

Need. More. Soup

Earlier, i ate an entire family sized can of chicken noodle soup. It was scrumptious. My sister went to Wal Mart a while ago, and as I'm trying my hardest to yell at her, which sounds kinda like, "Aaaahhhheeeeee waaiittt" since i still cannot speak like a normal person, she just yells, "text me!"

So I text her telling her i needed more food, and since she wouldn't wait for me to give her my debit card, ill just starve. Her sincere response? "redbox took $6 from me." Its things like that which keep me from feeling remorse when i do things like, accidentally leave her stranded at the hospital.

She had to go visit her boyfriend, and I didn't want to be there the whole time. I told her that I would come back when visiting hours were over at 8:30pm. When I left, I took her cell phone and cigarettes with me, since she couldn't have them while visiting anyway. I figured Id show back up in front of the hospital at 8:20 and everything would be hunky dory.

I was wrong. At about 8:12pm, my sisters bf calls her cell phone asking to speak with her. This made me realize that she was finished visiting, and I wasn't back at the hospital to pick her up yet. Oops. I drive back to the hospital, and drive around the parking lots over and over and over and over and over. Knowing that my sister sort of, ahem, lacks common sense, made me start giggling, as I knew shed be panicked.

After driving around about 4 times, hot manager ( a friend of mine, who may be more than a friend, but may not be, but shall always be referred to as hot manager) got out of the car to go find her inside the hospital. I drive around for a few more mins, waiting for my phone to ring. I round the corner to see hot manager coming outside, followed by a very pissed off sister of mine. As soon as I see how red her face is, I immediately start laughing uncontrollably. Tears and make up streaming down my face, as she is yelling, which makes me laugh harder.

I asked her, "Ashley, why didn't you call me?" She says, "I TRIED BUT IT WOULDN'T CONNECT!!!" *nearly hissing* so, calmly, i ask her, "Ashley, why didn't you call *your* phone?" I get a verbal punch in the face again. "I TRIED BUT I COULDN'T REMEMBER MY FUCKING PHONE NUMBER"

As me and hot manager are absorbed in laughter, she sits in the back seat fuming. I'm laughing so hard the make up is running down my shirt, which is now ruined after id only worn it like 5 times, and it was the best fitting shirt Ive ever had.

So, my new favorite shirt was ruined, and today, she didn't take my card so I get no food. Why should I feel bad that she got left in the hospital?
I love my little sister, but she certainly makes for an entertaining story. I feel that she may be the star of this blog. When I make her famous, she'll owe me, like a bunch of peanut butter cups, cause by then I'll be able to eat real food.

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