Sunday, January 23, 2011

McDonald's employee, I dont want your personal barbecue sauce

This post is gonna kinda be a rant. When I go to McDonalds and order for two people, I expect to be given enough barbecue sauce for two people. If I get two large fries, and 20 chicken nuggets (dont judge me, im a fatass) I should be given more than 3 minuscule containers of sauce. These damn people act like those little packs of sweet and sour or whatnot come directly out of their at the end of the night, the manager counts and makes them pay for every one they gave out. Thats why they started charging 10 fucking cents. Im not a very cheap person, but its stupid to charge for sauce. If I get a chicken sandwich, they charge me...but if i get nuggets, they dont. Why does it matter what form the chicken is in? IT IS STILL CHICKEN!!

Meanwhile, if you go to Burger King and ask for ranch to go with your dollar fries, they hand it out all willy nilly! They are like Oprah giving out cars or books or yachts or whatever the fuck she gives out. Im not a fan of Oprah...

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