Sunday, May 29, 2011

I service our Servicemen (and women)

Obviously tomorrow is Memorial Day. Tomorrow is a day where people will have cook outs, eat ice cream, see fireworks and wear red, white and blue. Its the unofficial beginning of summer. The day where people can wear white pants, white shorts, white skirts and white shoes without fear of being killed with a pay phone. The day we celebrate all our loved ones who serve our country. The day we mourn the ones we've lost.

I've been very fortunate to not have lost anyone close to me in battle. Sure, relationships have been strained, people have grown apart, people have died of natural causes, but Ive never actually lost anyone due to war. For all of you that have, I know they are in your thoughts everyday and I truly feel for your loss.

My uncle and grandfather were both in the US Army. My very first boyfriend was in the Army. I have quite a few friends that are Soldiers. Hell, I even tried to join. I may not fly a flag in my front yard, but I consider myself very patriotic and I have a place in my heart so big for the men and woman of our military.

If I could spend tomorrow with all the people who've been close to me that are currently serving or have previously served, I would. Unfortunately, everyone I know is spread all over the United States. From Florida to California, to Georgia, and even a couple still here in Virginia.  Malyn, Mark, Stef, Jake, Tim, Ambre, Chris, Badge, Heather, Ricky, this post is for y'all. Whether its been a week, a year, or just a half an hour since I've last spoken to you, every one of yall are in my heart this holiday weekend.

I am so proud of those who protect me and the country that I love.


  1. You are amazing!!! And I so agree. I thank all of our military for their service to our country!

  2. That was from me, Lisa.