Sunday, June 5, 2011

We have nothing to fear...but frogs...

Everyone has fears.

I'm scared of heights...kinda. I can ride a 305ft roller coaster, but put me on a balcony 3 stories up and I'll be farting all over the place.

I'm scared of boats. I've been on two boats my entire life, and I will be just fine to never be on another one. Ever.

I'm scared of bridges. Riding over them I'm ok, but driving over them makes me want to puke.

Frogs. Terrify. Me. I don't know why. I didn't develop the fear until I was in 9th grade. Those hoppity little fuckers scare the piss out of me. Almost literally.

As a grown woman, I am petrified of thunderstorms.

I was working at a call center before, and we had very severe weather. I was sitting at my phone crying and shaking while trying to take calls and handle accounts. Some time during the night they made me sit in one of the training classrooms...alone...yeah that's what I die a work.

Eventually they let me sit in the cafeteria so I can watch the storm coverage on the news. (I do that obsessively anytime it storms...or rains...just in case) As I'm watching, I can see the rain and winds blowing like crazy and hear tree limbs falling on the roof.

I go into the bathroom and I hear the sound something ripping across the metal roof. I flip my fucking shit. I tell them there is no way I'm doing any kind of work and as soon as the weather clears up I'm leaving.

I later find out that straight line winds had ripped up the fence from the back of the building and flung it across the fucking roof. The next day I find out there was indeed a confirmed tornado that touched down and flattened a building about 6 blocks away. And they told me I was overreacting.

The next time we had severe weather and a tornado close in proximity, they weren't mad when I called out.

Tonight at work we had a pretty nasty storm. I kept my back to the window so I didn't see the lightning, and pretty much ignored the thunder. I was pretty nervous but managing just fine.

The manager asks me to ring up a customer, and as soon as I step around the corner there is the loudest clap of thunder I've ever heard in my entire life...I do a complete about face and hide behind a wall. I don't remember crying, but there were tears streaming down my face, prompting my coworker to ask if I need a paper bag or to sit down.

Just writing this post is making my hands sweat and my heart race, so I better wrap it up. (That's what he said)

The moral of the story? No matter how tough you seem on the outside, you always have a vulnerable side. See, cause I look and act like a badass...but on the inside I'm just a scared little girl.

*Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors. I had a long night of nearly pissing myself and trying to not slap drunken retards*

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