Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Old Navy Dropped the Ball

I've been wearing Old Navy clothes for almost 12 years now. I've always been pretty happy with the sizing, even if it was vanity sizing. Of course I've had some hit and misses with things not fitting the way they were supposed to, but that happens. Today that happened in a big, well small, way. This post is going to be jam packed with pictures so it may be longer than usual, but get over it.

First up, I have a picture of the different sizing of Old Navy clothes from one year to the next.
On the bottom you see a shirt from Fall 2010, size XL. Next from Spring 2011 size L. The dark stripes is from Spring of 2012, size XL. The very top is Spring 2012 size L.

This is a picture of a yellow tank top from Spring of 2011 and on top of that is Spring of 2012. There is at least 3 inches less of fabric on this year's shirt.

Some people might be thinking that I just stretched the shirts out and that's why they don't fit. To those nay sayers I say I have photographic evidence!
Me wearing Spring 2012 Old Navy size Large. Slimming, yes...Large? No 

Spring 2012
Me wearing Spring 2011 Old Navy size Large.  Basketball shorts are a nice touch right?
Spring 2011
All of these pictures were taken today, with the same camera phone. You can tell they were all today from the pile of clothes on my bed (for comparison reasons) and the bag of delicious combos (which I am eating as we speak). There has been no manipulation, no photoshop, no deleting of fat rolls, nothing. Pure, unaltered proof that Old Navy's sizing has shrunk. 

I may continue to shop at Old Navy since they sell a lot of stripes, and I love stripes, but I can tell you I won't enjoy it. Old Navy used to be my go to store. I knew I'd find what I need in a size that fit. Even their flip flops have shrunk! If this is their way of telling the general public even their feet are too fat for their stores, then it's time to take my business elsewhere. 

To you, Old Navy, I ask, WTF? 
This is my WTF face. 
How about you? Have you seen a decrease or increase in size at your favorite store? Have you been a victim of Old Navy's mind game? Do you like my mustache?


  1. My favorite part is your WTF face.

    And this is comforting, because I thought I grew, like, half a size while managing to not gain any weight. Turns out, sizing's probably just fucked. Lovely.

  2. I have old stuff from Old Navy that's XXL and totally fits, but there's no way in heck I can fit into the XXLs they carry now. It's disappointing, particularly in light of the fact that they only sell their plus sizes online. I wish that there was some kind of law about sizes being consistent and based on inches or something instead of all of the vanity sizing that goes on. I also wish that stores would realize how much more business they could do if they sold clothes that actually fit the huge percentage of the population that is a bit larger. Sure, maybe it's not "healthy" or "beautiful" (don't get me started...), but it's reality, and it sucks when there are only a couple of stores that carry your size and they are super expensive.

  3. Wow - I have noticed that the clothes of today are made with much less fabric, but that's the style, so I've just accepted it I guess. If people don't like looking at tank tops stuck inbetween my rolls of fat, they don't have to look.