Thursday, April 19, 2012


This week, my faith in humanity has been restored. I witnessed completely unselfish acts of kindness on multiple occasions.

Early in the week I was on the cash register and after ringing her items, I handed a young girl, around 23, her change of $2.76. She then turns around and hands it to the lady in line behind her. The lady behind her looked to be in pretty rough condition. She was wearing dirty clothes, her hair unwashed and her nails dirty. She comes to the register, hands me the $2 and starts counting change for gas. The previous young girl sees that she is counting change and asks her if shes getting gas. When the older lady says yes, the girl hands her a 10 dollar bill and says, "Here just take this" and walks out the door. The older lady looked like she was about to cry, which was totally gonna make me cry. The lady didn't use the $10 for the gas, but I'm guessing she needed more than gas.

Every morning for the past month we've had a bus of about 30 railroad workers from out of state come into our store. When they come in there is a lot of chaos with them added on top of our regular customers, and very long lines. The railroad workers usually let other customers go ahead of them since none of them can leave until everyone is ready anyway.

Well this morning one of the guys nearly got left behind. He was the last of the group in line to buy a Monster energy drink, and looked up to see the bus pulling away. He sat his drink on top of a cooler and ran outside with his arms up. The driver stopped and let him on, but I'm sure the guy was disappointed. The nearly 70 year old man in line in front of the almost left worker told me to ring up the drink, threw me a $10 bill and ran across the parking lot to catch the bus. Luckily they were stopped for traffic before leaving the parking lot, but the man couldn't get their attention. Then another man ran all the way across the parking lot yelling and waving his arms at the driver to stop. After catching the driver's attention the old man runs to the driver's window and hands him the drink. Then he comes back inside, gets his change and leaves.

Last night, a man came to the register with two girls he had never met. He paid for their meals and their drinks. He told them he wanted nothing in return, they didn't even have to sit down to eat with him, he just wanted to do something nice.

This morning, on my way home from work, as I turned onto one of the side streets, I see a woman standing beside a car that is blocking 90% of the road. On the other side of the car, there are 6 men squatting, standing and bending down to put her car up on a jack. All of these men had just gotten to work and were late leaving to go to their first job because they stopped to help a lady change her tire.

There are still good people in the world. This week, I am going to do something nice for someone. Maybe I'll pay for someone's meal in the drive thru...maybe I'll buy a man in line behind me at 7-11 his coffee.

Pay it forward. Don't let the rush of the world make you forget that there are good people who do nice things just because.


  1. Wow! How nice. It's a shame stuff like that doesn't happen very often. If it did, the world would be a much better place.

  2. I love this. Like really love it. Made my whole night! Thanks for blogging!