Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Day I Didn't Get Engaged

This week, I'm on vacation from work, and it has been lovely! Monday, my boyfriend and I set off to Virginia Beach for a two night and 3 day vacation. The whole ride down there it rained. The whole first night it rained. It was about 75 degrees, which meant way too cold to swim in the ocean or the hotel pool. I got in the pool for about 15 minutes and didn't even leave the steps. We went to a seafood buffet and had a nice dinner in an oceanfront restaurant. The first night we walked up and down "Beach Street USA" and went into every shop about three times. There was an awesome fireworks display shot from a boat over the water. It really lit up the water and was just beautiful. We walked down by the frigid water and settled in for the night watching SVU. 

This is my "Beach Street USA" look
The next day it was still too cold to go to the beach, so we tried to take a dip in the pool again. Still too cold. We were in for about ten minutes, and had to go back inside. It just gave us more time to spend together watching Storage Wars and shopping and taking our adorable Old Time photo as Bonnie and Clyde. 
Tell me, how cute are we?

 We planned to go barhopping that night since it was Justin's birthday, but we are so not party people, so we had a couple drinks and walked down by the ocean again. We sat up on a lifeguard tower and just listened to the water and watched the waves. It was so peaceful, beautiful and romantic. After we had our fill, we headed back to the room, and that's where things got intense. No, I don't mean that. Get your mind out of the gutter. 

While walking down the street, hand in hand, Justin suddenly stopped, pulled me to the side of the street and faced me towards him. Then he started digging in his pocket. I know, beautiful, romantic night on the beach, on his birthday when he's feeling all sentimental...OMG he's looking for a ring! 

Negative. He pulled a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and lit one up. And that's when I started breathing again. For the rest of the night I felt like a giant douche. No woman in their right mind should expect a proposal after only 9 months of dating, but as I've discussed multiple times, I am nowhere near my right mind. 

The next day was hot and sunny. A perfect day to go to the beach! We checked out of the motel and sleepily moseyed on down the the boardwalk and hit up a breakfast buffet before heading to the beach. It was a very lovely day but the water was really rough so it was way too much work trying to stand up in the waves. So, I just settled for dozing on the beach. After a couple hours we packed it all up and headed home...and it was the best vacation I've ever had...even if I didn't leave engaged. 
Perfect beach weather...the day we left

Do you have a funny non-engagement story? Beach story? Vacation story at all? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Love the old time photo. My hubby and I did something similar up in Salem (think witch trials)!