Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The One About Everything

It's been forever since I wrote a new post. I guess it's because I've been working on me. I've been taking time to focus on me, my relationship with my boyfriend, and my relationship with my family, without letting the negativity of others bring me down.

I've been trying to eat better than normally...because I've totally not stuck with the whole weight loss thing...which is why there have been no recent pictures. Although, I did walk on my boyfriend's back yesterday and he said I'm way lighter than I was before, so that's good I guess. I bought a sports bra with the intention of working out, but so far the most I've done is walk to the fridge to see if the Popsicles are frozen yet.

After about 20 years of being a nasty nail biter, I've stopped. One day I decided I didn't want to do it anymore, and it's been close to two months since I've done it. I've never seen my hands look so pretty. Of course I always manage to scratch myself somehow whether its a thumb while tying a trash bag or somehow making my nose bleed.

Since I'm growing my nails and they are looking good, I've taken up hand painting nail designs. I can't decide if it's easier than it looks, or totally not as easy.
Expertly painted toenails

Beautifully (not cleaned up) flowers. Also, look how awesomely long my nails are

 I've also taken up making candy flavored liquor. I Googled it to death, and then decided to do it my own way. I bought some high class Aristocrat vodka and poured that shit right on over top of some candy. Actually, I made three different kinds; Cherry Jolly Rancher, Blue Raspberry/Grape Jolly Rancher, and Werther's Original. Yeah, believe it or not, the butterscotch tasted the best...but it was certainly ugly. I even gave some of the cherry flavored vodka away as a gift. I got a cute little bottle from Goodwill and painted it. Yeah, I don't know why I am so artistic all of the sudden, but I'm not fighting it. It keeps me busy.
Also, thanks to Brittany I have become completely obsessed with making monster pictures! I've made like two for myself, one for three of my cousins, my mom, my brother and my sister. Also, if you want one, let me know and I will hook you the fuck up. I can't get enough of making these damn things! Tell me I'm not a sexy ass zombie? I know! It's like, "Oh my God. Is there anything this bitch can't do?"

I also finally gave in to the fad and read the "Fifty Shades" trilogy. Yes I enjoyed it. Yes it was a page turner. And yes, I want another book! There were definitely things I could have done without reading, but E.L. James is a brave, brave woman and I zombie salute her (see above photo).
As you can see, I've been pretty busy sitting in my house, but I've enjoyed getting back in touch with my artistic side. It's been awesome letting my creativity flow through other mediums besides my blog.
Also, I have to blog from *gasp* Internet Explorer because Blogger changed their interface and it won't load on Google Chrome. Yes, Blogger, powered by Google, does not work with Google's web browser. If I wasn't so distraught, I'd laugh at the irony.
What do you do to occupy your time? How do you let your creativity flow? Do you want a monster picture? Let me know down below. (That's what she said)
One last thing: Happy 23rd birthday to my little sister Lucifer LuLu


  1. Oooooh, your nails look FAB!! And candy flavored liquor? Yum.

  2. Love, love those nails! You are pretty artsy; there seems to be no end to your talents.