Saturday, December 25, 2010


Today is Christmas morning. Santa has come and gone, gifts been opened, worn, and forgotten already. Ive enjoyed my presents as much as possible today, so time to snuggle up, take some drugs, and go right back to sleep.

I may get to put on some new clothes today, but really, whats the point if all I am leaving the house to do is get diesel fuel? I do have to go in the gas station, to grab some more drinkable food...

It is taking me a really, really, really long time to write this. Apparently if I get a good nights rest, my mouth says, "FUCK YOU!" because I'm in a lot of pain this morning. Gotta wait for the meds to kick in so I can eat some delicious (not) beef-a-roni for Christmas breakfast.

My Christmas Eve dinner last night consisted of easy mac, and an overdone/underdone baked potato. And my ever present "margarita" which is really just a glass of warm water and salt to rinse my mouth with. Today, I'm going to pretend I'm sipping a margarita, laying on the beach in Mexico, wearing a bikini...instead of gargling salt water, curled in the fetal position in my bed, wearing pajamas and slipper socks. 

Wow, is my blog so boring it put ME to sleep? The answer is yes. While trying to think of a segway between my wishing i could wear a bikini, or drink, or have a face a normal size, and, just about anything else, i put my head down, and passed out. I wish I could blame the meds, but sadly, I'm pretty sure its just me being my normal, uninteresting self. 

UPDATE: I fell asleep....again...for an hour...gonna give up on this post for right now 

2nd Update: OK I am awake now. I got about an hour and a half of quality sleep, right after my meds first kick in...then everyone decides I need to be awake.

 I ate my Christmas breakfast of room temperature beef a roni, but I really, really, really, want some pancakes. and corn beef hash. and fried potatoes. There seems to be a pattern with me...I always talk about food. 

I'm not gonna take up all your time today, since you are nice enough to put 5 mins out of your day to read this crap. Just wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. Where the hell is the rest of my pic? I worked moderately hard on that but not really, but kinda