Saturday, March 26, 2011

Movies are totally true to life...sometimes

I recently came across a list of things in movies that never happen in real life. Most of the made sense, like how people don't actually defuse bombs with one fucking second to go, and how women always investigate noises wearing their sexiest underwear ( which certainly does NOT apply to me). 

The one thing I didnt agree with is the nonsense about how women cannot be super dorky with glasses and their hair up, but sexy as soon as they take them off and take down their hair. I can prove this to be completely wrong. With a few minor adjustments, I go from this: 

to this:
Ok, so it might not be THAT extreme...but I think its a bigger difference than Lainey from "She's All That."

Ive had people not recognize me when I send a Facebook friend request because of the difference in my appearance. 

Ive also noticed that people think I'm a lot older when I'm wearing glasses with my hair up. I had one person think my brother was my husband, and two others think I was his mom...My brother is 15...How in the hell I look old enough, at 22 to have a 15 year old son, I will never know. 

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  1. Wow. On the one hand, my geeky side is thinking how hot you look with your glasses on and hair up, and then my non-geeked side checks you out in the next picture and both sides think you're pretty hot there too.

    Then my Aged Curmudgeon steps up and cracks me in the back of the head for checking out such a young-un, and thinking you're hot. I'm thinking about making my Curmudgeon his very own facebook account.

    I hate when my Old Side is right...