Sunday, March 13, 2011

Random Blurbs

Hip Hop radio is driving me crazy. All they play is "Black and Yellow" "6 Foot 7 Foot" and "Look at Me Now." Every once in a while they will throw in some Niki Minaj, Drake and Rihanna. There are more that 7 songs out right now. Can we please branch out? Im thinking of becoming a fucking DJ just to mix it up.

Have you ever noticed "homeless" people are always dressed appropriately for the weather? I saw a news story about how panhandling is like some peoples job, even though they live in a house and have a car. The more I look around driving downtown, I can honestly believe it. I saw a lady today wearing capris. I don't think thats a fashion staple for bums. There was another lady a few blocks down with freshly dyed hair. Well not super fresh since I could see her roots, but bitch if you are homeless, 1. where do you wash your hair to dye it? 2. Is that really what you need to be wasting money on? How bout you get a motel room for a night.

Just because its 70 degrees outside does not mean its spring. I know its March and getting warmer, but I really don't think spaghetti straps and booty shorts are appropriate attire.

Ive had really shitty birthdays.

  • On my 20th birthday, I was supposed to be taken out to dinner by my high school best friend. Her and her mother were going to take me to Red Lobster and then to sing Karaoke. I went out and bought a new shirt and shoes to wear. I was feeling great, and super excited for the night. I decided I wanted my boyfriend to go too. He checked our bank account and realized the bank had not canceled his debit card he lost a week before, so $500 was missing out of our account. 
  • My 21st birthday sucked pretty badly. Me, my sister and her friend all went out to the club at 12:00am (since my birthday was on a Sunday). The guy that was driving us couldnt get into the club because he was only 18, so we went across the street to the 18+ bar. After being there for about 45 mins his mom calls screaming that he had to bring her car home immediately. That was the end of the celebrating. 
  • For my 22nd birthday, my boyfriend at the time bought me a new bathing suit and we went to an Amusement Park. He broke up with me after we left the park. 

In 2 months and 4 days it will be my 23rd birthday. I cant wait to see whats in store.


  1. The best 200 night stand I ever had was with a girl I met outside an amusement park. Oddly enough she broke up with me to date a guy that worked at said amusement park. Fickle bitc...where was I? Oh yeah..

    I stopped having birthdays a long time ago, when you have kids, you focus more on their birthdays and they can't really do much for yours, so you just stop having them for yourself. If you want to have a good birthday, throw one for yourself. Invite who YOU want to come, ask one to grab a cake, if they can...get some ice cream too (what is cake without ice cream? Boring!) And have a throwdown at a friend's place.

    And if your friends up there won't do that for you, let me know, and I'll rent a bar down here and we'll party until your eyesight is affected.

  2. Well, cake without ice cream is great, since I'm lactose intolerant after my gallbladder surgery :)