Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Walt Disney ruined my life

I recently heard a song called, "I got the clap" and thought it was hilarious. I thought it was by Stephen Lynch so I googled it to find the lyrics. I was shocked to find out it was by the children's group The Wiggles. The lyrics to the song are "Ive got the clap and im giving it to you. Whos got the clap? I do! I do!"

What the fuck?!?!? Maybe its my extreme immature attitude, but when I think of the clap I think of chlamydia.

I googled other Wiggles songs, and they have one called, "Mother Swallows At Night."

Again I say, what the fuck?!?1?! This song is supposedly about birds. Sure Wiggles, whatever you say *WINK*

This is as bad as hiding penises in "The Little Mermaid" or Donald Duck calling Daffy a racist slur in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?"

How about the scene in "Lady and the Tramp" where the Siamese cats are buck tooth with slanted eyes? How the fuck did I not notice this shit 15 years ago?

Disney had the audacity to name the lead crow "Jim Crow" in Dumbo. I know I'm not the only one who sees this as highly inappropriate.

Obviously from an early age we were exposed to sex and racism so naturally my generation grew up to be fucked in the head.

Next time your child backtalks you, or gets arrested for drunk in public and disorderly conduct, thank Walt Disney. He created the empire that ruined our lives.


  1. WOW, i never thought about any of that before...and as for the WIGGLES....wth...lmao ...sneaky guys, really sneaky

  2. Anonymous, even though you didnt stay that way, you totally made my day with this comment!

  3. It isn't only The Wiggles with dirty song lyrics. More than once, I had to listen to some of the stuff my daughters were singing when they were younger.

    I am really liking reading your blogs Rose. If I were younger and you were older, and I had a body like that Jacob boy, I'd so stalk you cyberly...

    Well, maybe I'll just read your blogs. Rogue's gotta work....

  4. I really appreciate you reading my blog Southern. Feel free to pass along my brilliance to your friends and enemies

  5. I knew about the penis and Disney stuff; which is why I am a little on the odd side; but the Wiggles stuff??? NO, please tell me it isn't so...