Friday, April 1, 2011

I have a Bestie

My bestie shall remain nameless...mostly cause she wont let me call her by her family given nickname. Whatevs, not like I care (read: I'm heartbroken because of it). Me and her are complete opposites. She is a total girl. I am only a girl if I feel particularly cute that day. She loves skirts. I love jeans. Because of the difference between us, its super hard for us to find similar interests. 

She wants to go to the salon so we can get highlights. I'd rather dye my hair at home, in the bathroom with a stained towel around my shoulders. 

She wants to go shopping for Coach purses and booties. I want to go to Goodwill. 

Shes super excited about our upcoming trip to Atlantic Tanning (which I totally am too), but I'd rather wait until summer and lay out at the water park. 

She straightens her hair every single day. I throw mousse and hairspray in my hair and let it fall the way it will. 

We may be polar opposites, but she is my Bestie and I would do anything for her. We are super protective of each other too. We have a bromance...but we are a chickmance? But like not in a lesbian way or anything. I mean we are both hot and all, but uh, you know its not like that. 

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