Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's time to stop being nice, and start being real.

It takes a lot willpower for me to not publish a post where I cry and whine about my love life...well the extreme lack thereof. I can't believe its taken me this long to realize that love isnt a fairytale. It isnt a movie.

 My kid wont call a radio station and tell them how lonely I am (mostly because I dont have a with me here). Thusly, I wont fly across the country to meet a man on top of the Seattle Space Needle (get it? cause im on the East Coast?).

Never am I going to meet a guy on summer vacation, kiss him in the rain after being separated for years, marry him, and have him read me the story of our life when I get old.

Im never going to go on vacation with my conservative family where I meet a rebel who works for the hotel and shows me that I do have a sexual side, stands up to my father and makes me dirty dance in front of him.

My name isnt Sam, Ally or Baby/Francis. My name is Crystal and Ive accepted my fate of real life love.

In real life, things are very different.

In real life, you meet a guy at Wal Mart, Taco Bell, Online, or even a gas station. You hang out, watch movies, go to the beach, the mall, and amusement parks. You spend a lot of time together.

In real life, you find a guy who is great looking, but treats you like shit. You put up with it, then gain some sense. You date around casually...never find a good enough guy. Due to desperation, you settle for someone you can deal with.

In real life, you eventually meet that guy. The one who is in no way perfect, but perfect for you. The one who thinks you are crazy for loving him. The one who tells you not to wait for him. The one you wait for. The one who has way more important things to worry about than a relationship. The one you want to be happy whether it causes you pain or not. The one who may read your raw emotions and never speak to you again.

In real life, people have hope.

In real life, hearts break.

In real life, people grow up.

In real life, people learn to be real.

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  1. The thing is that you are NEVER too old to have your heart broken. There is no generational gap on this one. And sadly, the one you love the most is usually the one who doesn't want you. Such is life...And you can pour your heart and soul into someone and guess what, sometimes it doesn't mean a damn thing to them, even though you were sharing a piece of your heart...And then, life goes on and you try again. That's the key I guess, don't give up hope. And I guess that's what it means to be real; to know that every relationship is not "THE" one. And you can't make somebody love you no matter how hard you try. Lisa Brennan