Sunday, June 26, 2011

Im kind of a "big deal" around here

The other night I went to a bar/restaurant that's next door to my workplace. I mostly went in to flirt with the bartender, but found out I get a few more perks. 

The waitstaff from ***"Wednesdays" come into work EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. They are mostly assholes but there are a few that think I'm pretty much the most awesome person ever. I went in with a group of 2 other people, but we had two more coming to join us. They sat us at a booth for 4 people and we asked to move to a larger table, but our waiter was a complete douche and was like, "nope we don't have one." Me, being the great problem solver I am was like, "Oh that's cool we can just pull up a chair" Dude flipped his shit and was like, "Uh no you cant do that. That's not allowed" 

5 of us crammed in a tiny booth, but we were chill and having fun. I kept going down to the bar to get drinks for everyone there cause the waiter was slow as fuck....and I was getting my flirt on with the bartender. He asked where I was sitting, and how my waiter was...I told him the waiter was a huge cockmonger and he immediately knew who I was talking about. I got the drinks and went back to my table. 

The waiter comes back and asks if we needed more drinks, and I'm like, "Uh I'm gonna go get them from the bar." Once again he flips his fucking shit and is like, "You aren't supposed to do that. They run off a different system. He knows that!." Yeah, I don't take kindly to being yelled at, so I did my thing and went back to the bar. Bartender asked if our waiter was being any better, and I told him, "Dude is being a major dickbag. Hes all pissed that we are coming down here. Hes bitching that you are letting me do it." So the bartender goes, "Alright Ill take care of this right now." 

I see him go up to the waiter and have a heated discussion with him...and all of the sudden our waiter is like kissing my ass. We had two more people join us, so we pulled up chairs...the waiter just smiled. That was weird, but whatevs right? Once again, I go to the bar, and that's when I found out what the bartender said to our waiter...he was all like, "Dude you cant be an asshole to everyone. Especially not her. She works at ***"Shenaniganz" and she tips us mad well." 

By the time we got our checks, everyone had racked up tabs at the bar and the table. The sex god of a bartender made it easy for our waiter and cashed out our shit at the bar, and moved the totals to our new checks. As I get ready to pay I notice I'm missing like two things, so I tell the waiter, "I'm missing a couple things on my check" And hes all like, "Yeah we got that straight right now" So I go outside to smoke, expecting a new bill when I get back. I get back to the table and see that I am still missing stuff, so he comes to collect it and I'm like, "Hey I'm still missing something" and hes like, "Ey girl don't worry about it. We got you." I left him a 95% tip...just to show him that I am indeed a good tipper, and to make him feel like a douche. 

Imma start calling myself LilC_low...Sounds like an appropriate superstar name. 

***Names have been changed for anonymity 

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