Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Let Freedom Ring

Yesterday was Independence Day here in the United States. Since we are lazy, we call it the 4th of July. Its yet another day where we cook out on the grill and eat mass amounts of food...and drink...a lot...we celebrate our fallen soldiers and  freedom by binge drinking and eating...then feel bad when we have to wear bathing suits and swim in front of everyone.

In my city, after the cookouts and drinking, we gather at an amusement park, baseball diamond, or huge public park to watch a fireworks display...and eat ice cream, sno-cones, funnel cakes, popcorn, hot dogs and cotton candy from street vendors...Oh we drink some beer too...Around 11pm we sit in traffic cussing for about an hour and narrowly avoiding jail time for getting out of the car and beating this shit out of stupid drivers.

Last year, I worked overnight the 3rd going into the 4th and spent all day at an amusement park. At around 10pm they closed the park to shoot off fireworks. I was asleep in a grassy area around 9pm.

This year...this year was very different. I had plans to go swimming with my family, then come home and have a pretty large cook-out, then go see fireworks.

I got drunk the night before, and was too hungover to go swimming...We did have a wonderful cook-out, but since my sister had to work, plans for fireworks were dropped. I invited a friend to go to the fireworks with me and got excited again...until we were hit with severe thunderstorms and all the displays were postponed until tonight...when I have to work.

Oh yeah, I got banned from our local news channel's Facebook page for arguing with a "Super Patriot" too.

Ok so my 4th of July celebration didn't go as planned, but that's just another day in the life of a blogger.

*As a side note, I am livid about the Casey Anthony verdict. She should have gotten a MINIMUM manslaughter charge. I was at the cable company paying my bill when the verdict was read. Everyone audibly gasped when she was found not guilty of manslaughter.

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