Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It ain't easy being pretty

"Pretty people get more promotions." This article confirms that physical appearance may be more important than  education. After reading where the author says an attractive person with a state college education is probably more likely to get a high paying, respectable job than a higher educated, unattractive counterpart, I felt physically sick. 

I reached out to Twitter and Facebook to get other people's opinions on this. I asked the question: "Do pretty people have more advantages in life than not so pretty people?" And the responses I got are heartbreaking. 

"Oh yes. My Daughters get exactly what they want from pretty much anyone.."


"I would think so, but it depends if you know that your pretty and how you use it to your advantage"

One response in particular made my blood boil. 

I have her full permission to use her full name. 
I got a lot of responses talking about dating. The general consensus was that attractive people have better luck and more opportunities to find a lover. This is where my opinion comes in and I start sounded like a shallow, self centered, whiny brat. 

All my life I've been smart. I was on the honor roll from middle school all the way up through high school. My senior year I took 3 college classes and won multiple academic awards. All my life I've also been good looking, but guess what is the main focus when I meet people? My looks. 

At the risk of sounding conceited, I do get a lot of attention from men. I get hit on at work all the time...Their pick up lines consist of, "Girl you so sexy. Can I talk to you?" "Damn you're fine. Let me get your number." 

I am also a member of a dating website. I rarely give out my phone number to those I meet, but on the off chance I do, it's after weeks of messaging online. I'll get to know the guy a little before I give him my number. As soon as I give out those 7 digits, they turn into someone completely different. 

I met a guy on a dating site and talked to him for three weeks before I gave him my number. We had a lot in common. We both wanted a real relationship, wanted children, liked the same music, and had the same views in life. I felt a connection and gave him my phone number...One of the first texts I got from him went along the lines of, "Just so you know, I don't want to waste my time getting to know you if there is no sexual chemistry between us." 

Hold the fucking phones. Did he really just say what I thought he said? I asked him to explain, and he was pretty much like, "you have to have sex with me before I'll invest any time getting to know you. You're sexy and all, but I have to know how good you are in bed." He practically begged me for a week to drive 45 minutes to sleep with him so he knew whether or not he wanted to keep talking to me. 

This happened no less than 3 times. Yes, I am attractive. Yes, I do have my choice of any guy I want, but I have my choice of any guy I want to have sex with. Being an attractive and single girl who doesn't sleep with anyone who has a penis is hard. (hahaha. penis...hard...hahaha) 

I am not the prettiest person in the world. Really, I'm not, but I still have to make myself as unattractive as possible to blend into society.

I am aware that this post makes me seem shallow, but this isn't about my struggles of finding a relationship. It's to show everyone the point of view of someone who may seem beautiful on the outside, but is still lonely on the inside. It's to show that although I radiate confidence in everything that I do, I do have insecurities, and trust issues. I find myself holding back from getting to know people because I fear they are only after that one thing. (Talking about sex here people...keep up). 

I hope that everyone can look deep into the meaning of this message. Guys, stop focusing on girl's faces and bodies. Girls, don't let guys make you feel objectified. 

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