Thursday, September 1, 2011

And the Lord said, "Let there be internet!"

Today, at 12:07pm my cable and Internet was finally restored after the hurricane on Saturday. It was a miserable 5ish days. We never lost electricity, which I am thankful of, but OHMYGOD whats the point of having electricity with no TV or Internet?!? I called Comcast probably three times asking when they would be out to fix it, and every time they said, "1 to 2 hours, but I cant really give you an estimate of when its going to be fixed." Well glad to know you just wanted me off the phone Mr. Comcast.

Work has been miserable. We've been shorthanded, customers have been rude and irritated because they are still without electricity. I've worked there for over a year and I've never seen it so bad. We've had to lock all the doors except one, and have someone guard the door so we can only let in 10 people at a time. We've had fights, had to call the police twice in one night, I was called so many forms of the word "bitch" I can't even count. Two guys tried to cut the other 10 people in line, and when I told him to keep it moving to the back, he said "You would do that cause you're funny looking as hell." Yeah, that was my reasoning. I'm glad strangers understand me.

I love my family, but there is only so much "family time" we can take. We've been sitting around in the living room watching DVDs. By "watching" I of course mean my brother is talking through the movies, my mother is yelling at him and my sister is standing in front of the TV. I've painted my toenails a hundred times. I've read an entire book. I've completely drained the battery of my cell phone a thousand times. I've slept more than any human on Earth.

Today is the day of reckoning. Today we have cable and Internet. Today we all retreat to our own rooms and our own hobbies. My brother immediately hooked up his PlayStation 3 to play online with his friends. My sister went in her room to sleep with the TV on. I jumped on my various websites I visit daily.

Today we move back into civilization.

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  1. "I've read an entire book" LOL