Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl Commercials better than Madonna?

There was no getting out of watching the Super Bowl last night. My boyfriend would have none of that, so I decided to do two things: 
1. Make a list of my 20 10 5 favorite commercials 
2. Review the much anticipated Madonna half time show. 

I regret deciding to do both. I'm not a huge football fan. The whole time my boyfriend is yelling, "Did you see that shit?!?" and "OHHHH!" I knew who was playing, but it took me until 4 minutes to halftime to even realize which team was which. I knew both teams usual color was blue but I assumed the Giants were the ones wearing blue. Nope. 

As far as I'm concerned it was a bunch of men in leggings with jiggly thighs interrupting my commercial reviewing. 

First I'm going to talk about Madonna. 

Her dancing was seriously lacking. Maybe it was the boots or maybe her old bones are too brittle to move swiftly. I feel like her backup dancers and "guest stars" carried the whole show. It reminded me of cirque de soliel with all the flipping and tumbling. Madonna herself even did a couple cartwheels...and let me say that image disturbed me. I wish she had kept her skirt down. Old lady inner thigh is not some shit I wanna see. 

My rating of Madonna's halftime show: 7/10 because it was a bit lackluster. Flashing lights and glitter can only do so much. At least she remembered all the lyrics to her songs. 

I was going to do a list of 20 favorite commercials, then decided to cut it to it's cut to 5 because the commercials sucked too. 

5. Coca-Cola polar bear touchdown 
4. Volkswagen fat dog 

3.Sketchers go run shoes 
2. Doritos missing cat

And my number one, top favorite commercial of the Super Bowl this year: 
1. M&Ms "Sexy and I know It"

What was your favorite commercial? How did you feel about the halftime show? How about the game? Did you actually stay awake or fall asleep after halftime like I did? Tell me in the comments. 

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  1. The doritos missing cat one was funny. I also liked the Jerry Seinfeld one.

    Madonna is WAY too old to think she can still be out there dancing like a 22 year old. For her age, she did a good job, but it's time for her to step back and have other people have the spotlight. SHe had her day already.