Monday, August 22, 2011

My booty is poppin, my booty is cool

Ladies and gentleman, its time for another round of "Review that product"!! I've reviewed products before but today is a whole new experience...I have pictures of my butt!!

I'm not sure how many of you have heard of "Booty Pop" panties (ugh I hate that word) but they are underwear with built in pads that are supposed to make your ass look like JLo or Kim Kardashian. Haven't seen the commercial? Well you are in luck:

I didn't go out searching for these, but me and Bestie wandered around Five Below and I happened upon them. For only 5 bucks there was no way I could pass them up. I'm glad I bought them cause they TOTALLY WORK! 

Don't believe me do you? Well fuck you...suspicious asses...I have proof via shitty self taken cell phone photo that "Booty Pop" panties actually work!

POP! Here on the left you can see my not so cute heiney...but after slipping on the Booty Pops and the exact same jeans, BOOYAH I turn all Beyonce up in this bitch. I don't think y'all ready for this jelly, but ohmahgod go to Five Below and get a pair...or 2...or fuck 7! Five bucks to get a ghetto booty like mine. 

I was in no way endorsed for this post, these are my opinions and my fabulous ass. 

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