Sunday, February 26, 2012

New York, New York You Got Me Dancing

Last weekend I went on vacation. I know, since I have such a busy life I was truly deserving of one. My cousins, my sister and I took a bus trip to New York City. I know right? A big city trip for a bunch of small town girls. We also got to visit Washington, DC...and walk...a LOT. 

The first leg of our trip was an 8 hour "layover" in Washington DC where we walked 1.6 miles to the Smithsonian Museum of American History and 1.6 miles back to the bus station. By the time we got back to Union Station I had a gash on my foot from the tongue of my shoe. Had I listened to my boyfriend and packed "way more" socks than I needed, I could have changed and saved me from looking like an ass...but everyone knows I'm always right and never listen. After walking around forever we were more than ready to get on the bus and ride up to NY. 

We got to NYC at around 5am Sunday morning. As soon as we stepped off the bus my cousin somehow dropped her earring. As I bent down to look for it the bottom button from my brand new coat I bought specifically for New York popped off and rolled down the streets of New York City on its own adventure. Shortly after, my sister lost an earring down a street grate. First lesson learned in NY: Small objects will disappear because fuck you that's why. 

The first thing we did was visit the Today Show, where I was on tv for like the entire outside broadcast...which pretty much makes me a celebrity and I should be the new anchor any day now. After standing in the 30 degree weather the female anchor, Jenna Wolfe comes over and takes pictures with everyone. I played photographer and took a picture of my sister and Jenna...afterwards, I said to my sister, "That is an amazing picture of you!" and Jenna Wolfe exclaims, "Wow! I've taken a lot of pictures and have never been told I look amazing!" Uh, I wasn't talking to you bitch, get over yourself. 

After the Today Show we walked, and walked and ate and walked and walked. We walked around from 5am until we could check into our motel room at 3pm. It was an exhausting day. By the time we checked into the motel it was nap time. After a quick 3 hour nap it was time for more walking. 

We walked like a billion blocks to the Hell's Kitchen restaurant but decided against eating there because we didn't make reservations and it was super packed. We ended up eating at a restaurant we have here at home and walking back to the motel to go to bed. 

The next day we walked and walked and walked more. We rode the Staten Island Ferry, visited Chinatown, went to the World Trade Center memorial site and ate, walked, visited the cool little souvenir shops, ate, walked and shopped. 

All the eating we did in New York was disastrous for my *GASP* diet, but with it being the end of the month, it's time for me to post my February weight loss progress. 
My mom jeans and favorite shirt
A picture of me in my fabulous coat...before the bottom button vanished
A picture of me just because I look super adorable in my coat. Notice the missing button?
All in all I had a great trip until the very end. Unfortunately I received a phone call while on my way to the bus station informing me of my father's sudden death...That's why I'm so late posting. My family is doing well, but please continue to keep us in your thoughts. 

Now, on a happier note...I got a new truck this week as a late Valentine's Day present from my amazing boyfriend. Yeah he's pretty great right?

I've had a pretty busy week, and not my normal do absolutely nothing at all except for work and sleep week. Now I am totally getting back on my that Valentine's Day is over and all the stupid candy is out of the house...I've got to gain some self control before Easter. 

Y'all still sticking to your goals? How do you handle stress and candy focused holidays while sticking to your weight loss goals? I'm in need of some help for this one. Candy is my weakness. 


  1. At least you did DC in the cool weather. I have family in Bethesda MD, so I used to visit every year....all that walking SUCKS so bad when it' 85 degrees out. Trust me. There's no shade to be found unless you go inside.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear about your Dad. I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts for sure. And it feels a little weird to say now, but that is a fabulous coat!

    1. Haha that made me laugh. You don't have to feel weird to say it :) Shit happens all the time but we can't dwell on the negative. That's why I just threw it in there and changed the subject.

  3. I have the same shirt. Old Navy right? I wear it all the time!!!

    1. Yes Old Navy...and I am super unhappy with them!