Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Tis the Season

I'm so over the cold weather. I hate, hate, hate, the cold. I hate having to wear a coat even though I do have an adorable one. I hate having to turn on the suffocating heat in my new truck, which my boyfriend totally paid half for as a Valentine's Day present. I hate customers coming inside and saying "It's cold out!" You think I live here? No I had to leave the house to come to work just like you had to leave to come here dumbass. And I HATE having to stand outside in the cold to smoke while at work. I've begged for us to have our smoking break room back but they refuse cause some people don't know how to go 30 minutes without a cigarette. 

Temperatures this week are between 70 and 80 and just as sunny as can be. It's too beautiful for me to be inside blogging, but I'd just assume enjoy the weather by looking out the window because it reduces my chances of sweating and I'm just not ready for the insufferable heat of a southern summer. 

Today, to kick off the start of the spring season, my bestie and I donned our gay apparel, which to us is flip flops and tank tops, and headed out to get our first pedicures and toenail designs of the year! 

For some reason, every time I get something expensive done, I have an issue. One time the lady refused to listen when I told her I couldn't have color on my nails and did some kind of weird black lines across my middle fingers. Another time the guy who painted my toenails with a french manicure made them look like I did it with my eyes closed.

This time, I had two problems. The first was a burn. After rubbing some kind of clay on my legs, the lady used hot towels to soak it off. She asked if they were too hot, which they were but I figured I could deal with it cause they'd cool off in a minute. After she took them off I noticed that I had a pretty big burn on the side of my calf. I laughed it off cause that's so typical of something that happens to me. 

Once it came time to paint my toenails, the color I picked wasn't as bright as I wanted it, but not a big enough reason to complain. I left my design up to the pedicurist to decide what she thinks would look good. I was very happy with the design until she put on the top coat and smudged the whole flower on my left toe. She tried to fix it and did a pretty decent job, but I still know what you did lady. I'll never forget. 

All in all it was a great day! My legs are smooth, my feet feel amazing and my toenails look fabulous. I can't wait for new designs every two weeks! 

Can you see the smudge? CAN YOU SEE IT? Nah looks good right?

This song always gets me in the spring/summer mood:

What is your favorite part of spring? 

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  1. Very cute tootsies! It was nice and warm here earlier this week, too and they said towards the end of next week it's going to be in the 70's again - which is VERY warm for this time of year, so the flip flops are coming out. Actually - I think a trip to Old Navy for some new ones may be in order!